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Windmill  - Municipio de Ocón

Six beautiful villages including the name Ocón comprise the municipality of Ocón. These municipalities are La Villa de Ocón, Las Ruedas de Ocón, Santa Lucía de Ocón, Los Molinos de Ocón, Aldeaolobos de Ocón, Pipaona de Ocón, and the uninhabited Oteruelo de Ocón. Altitudes oscillate between the 648 m of Los Molinos and the 910 m of La Villa.

The total surface area of the valley is 60.9 km2. The N-232, which is part of the national road network, provides access both to Valle de Ocón and the Municipality of Ocón, direction Logroño-Zaragoza. There are two access points from this road to the Ocón Valley: from the junction in Redal or Corera.

These municipalities have a genuine rural charm, which added to their enormous archaeological, historical and artistic heritage make the Valle de Ocón one of the most appealing corners in La Rioja.

A relevant tourism attraction is the Windmill of Ocón, a replica of a windmill from the 14th century following a traditional Mediterranean model. The Feria de la Molienda - a fair where the windmill is the focal point - takes place every spring.

Technical Data: 

Ocón: 95 population
Las Ruedas de Ocón: 71 population
Los Molinos de Ocón: 68 population
Santa Lucía de Ocón: 58 population
Pipaona: 56 population
Aldealobos: 48 population
Oteruelo: -

2 - Municipio de Ocón
3 - Municipio de Ocón
4 - Municipio de Ocón
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